Chris Fritchie Studios The Masters Series

Chris Fritchie Imaging USA Master Collection

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Files Included

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WHY DO A FEW FILES END IN .PSB?: .PSB files indicate Photoshop files that are a large document format similar to a PSD file. Backgrounds with this extension were so formatted to ensure the best possible delivery of the backgrounds in full. PSB files can be opened by Adobe Photoshop CS or later. PSB files can be exported as TIFF for compatibility with other software.

LINK EXPIRATION: The links that are emailed to you after purchase expire 24 hours from the date of receipt. However, ALL downloads can be accessed via your account profile.

DOWNLOAD SPEED: Due the amount of files, large file size, and possible site traffic, download speeds will likely be affected. These PSD files are much larger than previous files and vary in size. Some files may download faster than others. It is suggested that users attempt to download ONE (1) video file at a time rather than several to optimize their download speeds.

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